Turing, Searle

thoughts after John R. Searle: Minds, Brains and Programs

IThe Robot Reply
We out a computer inside the robot, we connect it with the motory – sensory system at let the robot explore the world in its own way. We have some fittest functions, maybe “I prefer taking more distance in a shorter time” or “I want to stand up” or “look for new, interesting situations and explore more”. What is the difference between animals and such robots? What is the difference between these creatures and animals? Is there a quality difference between us and animals? If we get hit, we feel pain- We feel the pain otherwise we would not survive if we would have no sensation what is bad – or good for us. So do an animal. But let’s say, we tell the robot to avoid hitting – in this case it does not evolve from evolution but the function exists.

Evolution of 3D printers, the known cycle. I add the code to a 3D printer, to do reproduce yourself. Let’s say for now, that it somehow receives resources. So it creates the first 3D printer, and both continuo on their mission. After a while we will have lots of lots of 3D printers all over. Sometimes they fail, in a sense that a small error occurs while reproducing – one might become smaller. If it becomes smaller, that one fit into places where one would not have earlier (tunnel) and so on. After a while we might have 3D printers in all size; from tiny ones to huge ones, and of course now the question of resource comes in front and decides which are the 3D printers than currently fit to the world.

thought after Turing: Computing machinery and intelligence

Are there imaginable computers which would do well on the Turing Test?

(4) the argument of consciousness

I think, therefor I am. I was thinking when I was born – so I was already existing. Or was I really thinking? Or maybe I think more and more (then less and less). At age of three/four most of us start questioning ourselves, we realize that we are the object of the world. Is this when we earn our consciousness or was it is also not a binary state?
Supposedly this is the level dogs ever grow to. Do they stay in an early stage of thinking?
What if the existence of machines seeds from our mind?
What if there is a man, and we start replacing his guts one by one with machine- when is the point when we say he became machine?…