Follow the Leader is a game that’s meant to have blindfolded players directed by their partners through relatively crowded public areas in order to pickup certain objects, worth varying points, and return to the starting point. The teams of two consist of a Director who cannot move of his own will but can instruct the Actor, who they are tied to and an Actor who is blindfolded and must navigate the space and collect certain objects using only the auditory direction of the starting point. more…

As part of an initiative that we have dubbed The Mass Intercollegiate Memification of Interactive Media Institutions (MiMiMi), a group of us have created a fun video highlighting the best projects from among our classmates and alumni, as well as footage featuring the distinct culture that our program engenders. We present this as a challenge to other top interactive media schools in the hopes of receiving responses that showcase their own programs, bust stereotypes held against them, and highlight the best current projects at their institutions.

project made with Michael Colombo, Suzanne Kirkpatrick and Nara Kasbergen. Big Games.

Currently I am taking this class at the NYU Game Center. Read more..
King Lear – an asymmetrical card game, week 4th

shilouette play

The morning metro comes, full with raiders – you either squeeze yourself inside the train or just wait for the next one and try to think up a new excuse why you were late.
We spent a lot of time in finding the best solution for getting peoples silhouette. We started building a control background (big light-box) and for the code we used Processing’s OpenCV library. At one point Microsoft’s Kinect was released and we realized it makes everything so simple. Basically in the last week we rewrote the code in openFrameworks and get rid of the background.

made with Nelson Ramon, Matt Sarnak for Motion Capture for Urban Sensing and Gaming

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(b)AR is an augmented reality game, an interactive music installation designed to be used in pubs, parties or public places.

It is meant to be a social experiment, mixing cutting edge technology with entertainment, involving music and fun. Participating only requires to attach the AR sticker onto the bottom of the drink received. Each sticker is assigned to a certain instrument. The playing area is marked; the tracking camera must recognize and locate the sticker. By this time the music starts playing. The position, the rotation angle and the distance from a reference point ables to manipulate the sound.

Used technologies: Fluxus, ARToolkit, Pure Data
Publicity: (B)ar was exhibited at Alternative Party 2009, Helsinki/Finland and MT 2010 Kickoff event at MŰPA, Budapest.
People involved: Csík-Kovács Zoltán, Ozsvald Eszter, Szalai András, Gergely Krisztián, Kiss László, Papp Gábor, Bujdosó Attila, Fabrizio Boreiro

Rob.arts is an interactive social game, where players can experience first-hand the challenges and excitement of controlling virtual robots in real time. The game is designed to provide an easy approach to the art of programming; no previous experience is required. Robots behave according to the player’s specifications, but may incur in “mistakes”. A friendly feel to the visuals makes our game also suited for audiences that demand

The paper was presented at ISEARuhr 2010.


Guerilla woodpecker disturbs public signposts and light poles They swing down after the first stroke. Started in kibu, finished at the Center for Biorobotics.

MacsEk! MacsEk! burning bright
In the cities of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful asymmetry?

Travel with the cat, find out his dreams,
don’t sit on your button beans!
See if u can beat the quests
and you can do your best
to make it happen.

Take him to your workplace,
to the bar, to the parties.
Remember, pictures are his memories
as macsEk is a star
on all of these.

When you think she’s seen enough,
has discovered all your life,
say goodbye to your kitty,
pass him to your buddy,
(a responsible one).

MacsEks are never lonely,
they are always on their journey,
don’t make their homesickness bigger,
upload the pictures on flickr!
To make it happen.

Poem was written with Andras Szalai.
Hand made, pass-it-on hitchhiker cat network, go to macsEk’s web site


Smoke-it ‘n kill-the-mosquit! Augmented reality installation
made with András Szalai, Krisztián Gergely and Zoltán Csík-Kovács at KIBU.
Presented at Szörp 2009 (Szentendre/Hungary)
Alternative Party 2009 (Helsinki/Finland)
Animated Dreams Filmfestival 2009 (Tallinn/Estonia)